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15 Apr 2024 — Registration deadline

(traditionally extended beyond)

15 Apr 2024 — Abstract submission


Invited speakers

This is a focused conference with exclusively invited speakers in the scientific sections of the conference. 


A limited number of contributing posters are available, and the selectivity will be defined by the venue options. Please do not register until your contribution has been accepted by the program committee.  

Industrial contributors have option to present their activity with a talk at the Industrial Forum

Registration fees

Since its inception, this event has been created by scientists for the scientific community, with only modest outside assistance. As has always been the case, we ask every participant and organizer to help sustain the conference by paying the registration fees.


Current fees are: 
  • Accepted talks: 800 € 

  • Industrial Forum: 2000 €

  • Students (contributing): 500 €

  • Accompanying person: 400 €

Abstract submissions

Please send you abstract to the email address


The presentation are conducted in person, and timed at 25 minutes + 5 minutes questions (30min total). There is no hybrid options, and there will be no recording of the talks. 


The poster size is A0 (841 mm x 1189 mm) or A1 (594 mm  x  841 mm) in portrait orientation (longer side is vertical).

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