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The conference series "From Solid State to Biophysics, from Basic to Life Science" was initially conceived as a forum for professionals transitioning between the realms of solid-state physics and biophysics. Yet, its scope has since expanded.

We warmly invite biologists interested in deepening their engagement with physicists, as well as solid-state physicists and chemists who are keen on confronting challenges in their domains and venturing into biological topics.

Beyond promoting interdisciplinary dialogues, the conference highlights discussions on cutting-edge techniques and innovative approaches spanning both the physical and life sciences.


The topic include, but are not limited to:

Solid-state matter

  • Correlated electronic materials

  • Quantum nanodevices

  • Superconductors

  • 2D and low-dimensional materials

  • Photonic materials

Nanofluidics and nanopores

  • Fundamentals of molecular transport in extreme confinement

  • Solid-state and 2D nanopores

  • Proteins and hybrid nanopores

  • Nanofluidics

Biophysics, soft-matter and life science

  • Biological membranes

  • Single-molecule biophysics

  • Bioimaging

  • Diagnostics

  • Genomics and metagenomics 

New Tools

  • AI in science

  • Advanced electron microscopy and in-situ techniques

  • Advanced scanning probe techniques

  • Super-resolution microscopy

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